Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Nate Crawling

Nate's Two Teeth

Lynae and Addie Mae

Nate & Lynae's Bath - Lynae LOVES Nate's hair spiked up.

April & Addie Mae

Addison Mae
5 lbs. 12 oz.
19 1/2 inches

Friday, March 6, 2009

ID Needed

It's really frustrating to need id to get an id. What do I mean? Well someone stole my purse and all my id with it: driver's license, voters registration, NCSU student ID, etc. Without id, you can't get a new driver's license. After 10+ years of marriage who know where my marriage license and my birth certificate are (the other acceptable forms of id). The crazy part - I can apply on-line for a new driver's license without any id. Go figure.

The most frustrating part of having my purse stolen is that it wouldn't have happened if I had obeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit who spoke not once or even twice, but three times regarding items in my purse. He told me to take my purse in with me that day, but who wants to carry their purse around on their shoulder when they're active and working so I denied the voice. After Christmas I returned some items to a store and Lord told me to put the gift card up in a "safe place" (out of my purse) and again I denied the voice because how could I spend it if it wasn't in my purse? Finally, I cashed a check and the Lord told me to lock the money up and I again said, no I might need the money. Some of us are stubborn and learn our lessons the hard way.

In case you're wondering we got about 8 inches of snow. I'll try to post some pictures soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Nate started crawling (forwards) today. He's so cute. If I can get the camera back from Neil ;-), I'll try to get a video of him! Still no teeth...Gotta get Lynae to bed. More later.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Checking In

I can't believe that it's been a month since I've posted anything. I'm not the only one - it's been 2 weeks since any of the blogs that I subscribe to have been updated. Maybe Facebook is going to replace our blogs?

School has been delayed for 2 hours tomorrow to "wait and see" if it will ice. I have a county supervisor training from 8:15 until 12, but have to leave at 10 to go do a Master Gardener Volunteer training on Experential Learning that is a makeup from last weeks "snow" event. Then I have a CPR training in the afternoon. My county budget and my 2009 Plan of Action are due by Friday. I am taking 23 teens and tweens to the Winterfest 4-H event on Saturday for which I was asked to teach a workshop at TODAY. Thankfully I have lots of great parents and coworkers going with me to help. Tuesday is our biggest event of the year: 4-H Achievement Night with about 150 people. We started a round of home-school embryology today and its the end of the month which means time to figure end of the month contacts for both the county and the state. Superbowl Party on Sunday with our Sunday School class. Whew!

Neil has been traveling a bit - he made it to Denver for the National Western Stock Show which he really wanted to do. He worked for our dear friends the Taubenheims and they had the Reserve Champion Pen of Balancer Bulls. He enjoyed himself.

Lynae was excited to get back to school after break. She made me give her homework while she was out so that is great that she loves school that much.

Nate is trying to crawl but is better at going backwards. He enjoys you holding his fingers and letting him walk and is also standing at his bouncy seat and playing. You have to stay with him though b/c he d/n have the comprehension that if he turns lose he falls. He's eating about 3 1/2 tubs of size 2 food, 1/3 of a small meat, and about 2/3 cup of dry cereal (mixed with 6 oz milk) everyday in addition to his milk.

Monday, December 22, 2008

1st ear infection

Well Nate started with a bad cold on Thursday. Saturday he started rubbing his left ear so I called the doctor's office. All of their Sat. appts. were already full so they made one for Sunday. Turns out he has double ear infections!!! Poor baby. He looks as if he feels miserable, but is a real trooper.

Lynae has been playing school - she made me give her homework to do! How fabulous is that - she loves school! She is ready to go back already. I have her addressing the Christmas cards (which means putting on labels).

The goats are all kidding this week; yes all. If you had told me that they would kid the same week I would have never believed it. We had some on Friday when it was 70 degrees and some today when it was about 25 - CRAZY weather. The little kids are so cute.

Lynae was an adorable cow in the church Christmas play Sunday night. She said, "So, sit back, relax and stay awhile and listen as we sing. Merry Christmas one and all, Happy Birthday to our King!"

Well Merry Christmas to you all and forgive us if the cards don't make it before we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, I finally finished my paper for Research Methods and turned it in a whole 3 minutes early. I worked really hard on it and have even woke up in a cold sweat from dreaming about it! It could have definitely been better, but it's a good start.

We had a Stokes County Cattlemen's meeting tonight - Amy had created an enjoyable game of Beef Cattle Jeopardy for us. It was fun. Neil came in 2nd place. Lynae entertained Nate and Nate entertained everyone else.

Everyone is finally asleep except for the dog who was trying to eat a piece of plastic (not smart Zoe!). I should be, but I am a little wound up despite being exhausted. I just finished washing the dishes.

We have a North Central District 4-H Horse Council meeting tomorrow night to approve our new Constitution and By-laws and discuss the Horse Bowl and Horse Show. Let's hope that we stay on task and the meeting doesn't last all night!

Maybe now that my class is over I can work on Christmas cards, wrapping presents, etc. I've got to do my end of the year reports at work which I haven't started because I've been working on my paper. Thursday we had a HUGE downfall of rain and my ceiling in my office leaked. Three of the tiles wound up collapsing and EVERYTHING on that wall had to be moved. Thankfully almost everything was able to be saved so that is good. We have been extremely short-handed at work so things are pretty hectic.

Did you hear that when reporters asked President Bush about the reporter throwing shoes at him he said "I don't know what his heart looks like, but I have seen his sole (soul)." Good one.

I will try to load some pics soon. Nate is changing everyday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

6 Months

It's hard to believe that Nate is over 6 months old. His weight is almost 17 lbs. which is 42%. I don't have my paper in front of me, but I think he was 70% for length and about 50% for head size.

His pics are adorable. Click here and enter Nate's MAMA's first and last name (if you aren't sure of my married name, e-mail me).