Monday, January 26, 2009

Checking In

I can't believe that it's been a month since I've posted anything. I'm not the only one - it's been 2 weeks since any of the blogs that I subscribe to have been updated. Maybe Facebook is going to replace our blogs?

School has been delayed for 2 hours tomorrow to "wait and see" if it will ice. I have a county supervisor training from 8:15 until 12, but have to leave at 10 to go do a Master Gardener Volunteer training on Experential Learning that is a makeup from last weeks "snow" event. Then I have a CPR training in the afternoon. My county budget and my 2009 Plan of Action are due by Friday. I am taking 23 teens and tweens to the Winterfest 4-H event on Saturday for which I was asked to teach a workshop at TODAY. Thankfully I have lots of great parents and coworkers going with me to help. Tuesday is our biggest event of the year: 4-H Achievement Night with about 150 people. We started a round of home-school embryology today and its the end of the month which means time to figure end of the month contacts for both the county and the state. Superbowl Party on Sunday with our Sunday School class. Whew!

Neil has been traveling a bit - he made it to Denver for the National Western Stock Show which he really wanted to do. He worked for our dear friends the Taubenheims and they had the Reserve Champion Pen of Balancer Bulls. He enjoyed himself.

Lynae was excited to get back to school after break. She made me give her homework while she was out so that is great that she loves school that much.

Nate is trying to crawl but is better at going backwards. He enjoys you holding his fingers and letting him walk and is also standing at his bouncy seat and playing. You have to stay with him though b/c he d/n have the comprehension that if he turns lose he falls. He's eating about 3 1/2 tubs of size 2 food, 1/3 of a small meat, and about 2/3 cup of dry cereal (mixed with 6 oz milk) everyday in addition to his milk.

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